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California Democracy is shutting down. It will no longer be updated. If you like a resource here, download it, because it won't be available after the site is turned off.

New commentary can now also be viewed at the California Democracy blog.

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No on California Proposition 1, Water Bond
Yes on California Proposition 2, Rainy Day Fund
Yes on California Proposition 45, Healthcare Insurance Rate Oversight
No on California Proposition 46, Policing Doctors
Yes on California Proposition 47, Crime Penalty Reductions
Yes on California Proposition 48, Indian Gaming Compacts

Important: Mendocino County Measure S [at Mendoday]

California Doctors Who Refuse Medicare or Medi-Cal [Nov. 10, 2013]

One Citizen, One Vote: California Demands It [April 19, 2013]

Yes on California Proposition 30, Increase Taxes for Schools
Yes on California Proposition 31, Reform the Budget Process
No on California Proposition 32, Banning Union Political Donations
No on California Proposition 33, Auto Insurance Changes
Yes on California Proposition 34, Repeal the Death Penalty
No on California Proposition 35, Human Trafficking
Yes on California Proposition 36, Three Strikes Reform
Yes on California Proposition 37, Label Genetically Engineered Foods
Yes on California Proposition 38, Tax to Fund Education
No on California Proposition 39, Funding of Energy Corporations
Yes on California Proposition 40, Uphold Redistricting
No on California Proposition 41, Bonds [June 2014 primary election]
Yes on California Proposition 42, Public Records and Open Meetings
First Proposition 14 Top Two Primary Shows Potential [June 7, 2012]
California Proposition 28 Term Limit Changes [May 8, 2012]
California Independence and the Separation of States [December 18, 2011]
Dianne Feinstein Buys Another Term [October 2, 2011]
California: Term Limits not Enough [September 25, 2011]
California: June 2012 Primary [August 14, 2011]
California redistricting first draft released [June 12, 2011]
Formal Democracy [January 23, 2011]
California Budget Woes Show Flaws in Democracy [January 16, 2011]
California Voters Choose Independent Redistricting [November 6, 2010]
People's Assets Sold by California Government [October 17, 2010]

Corporate personhood and related topics
America: Republic or Democracy (at

Corporate Personhood video links (to YouTube):

Part I, Corporate Personhood History

Part II, Legal Timeline of Personhood (a list of relevant cases)

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Note: This site until mid-2009 belonged to CCCD (California Center for Community Democracy), which has been absorbed into other organizations. The information from the CCCD site is being permanently archived and can be now be viewed from the CCCD Archive Page. This site is now run by William Meyers, who was the webmaster and a board member of CCCD.


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