Gifts from Nature

Tapestry of the Commons – Gifts from Nature

Commmon Gifts and Services Status
SKY Air, atmosphere, ozone layer, UV protection Polluted air, holes in ozone layer, cancer rates rising, burning of fossil fuels
SUN Light, warmth, photosynthesis, also moon, tides, stars, navigation, planets, outer space, day/night National and corporate plans to colonize planets, star wars weapons, trash in space
LAND Topsoil, growing food, grazing animals, living on, mountains, valleys, coastal lands Privatized, soil poisoned and eroded, mountains strip mined, valleys flooded by dams, coast land paved
WATER Watersheds, rivers, lakes, wetlands, aquifers, drinking, irrigation, washing, swimming, fish and wildlife habitat Privatized, Trade agreements, pollution, dams, diversions, shortages, commodification
FORESTS Clean and create air, lumber, paper, habitat, grasslands Privatized, trade agreements, clearcuts, shrinking in size and diversity
PLANTS Food, healing, clothing, grazing, seeds, algae Privatized, corporatized, GMOs, species disappearing, mono-culture
ANIMALS Wild, domesticated, food, labor, pets, clothing, scavengers, pollinators, population balance, humans, friends and family Loss of habitat, extinction of species, overpopulation of other species, poisons in environment
MINERALS Metals, rocks, gems, oil, uranium, gold, natural gas, geysers, coal Privatized, trade agreements, corporatized, strip mined, depleted
CLIMATE Rain, snow, weather, temperature regulation, ice shelves, seasons Global warming, climate change, melting arctic, greenhouse gasses
OCEANS Fisheries, kelp forests, water cycle, most of planets area and life Polluted, warming, over fishing, fish farms, desalination, species extinction, dying reefs
ENERGY Oil, solar, wind, coal, electricity, fire, tides, water power, nuclear Privatized, corporatized, trade agreements, fossil fuels/ global warming, oil depleted, nuclear waste, renewables underused.
DNA Lifes building blocks, individuality, diversity, evolution, cures? Corporatized, patented, GMOs, stem cell research blocked
AIRWAVES Radio, cell phones, TV, satellite, radar, sonar Privatized, corporatized, loss of public access
CYCLES Fresh water replenishment, erosion control, waste absorbtion, nutrient recycling, photosynthesis, pollination, fossilization, birth, growth, death, decay Over stressing of these vital services by upsetting balances, cutting forest, loss of habitat, etc. corporate excesses, private neglect
QUIET And sound, bird song, inspiration, beauty, views, aesthetics Noise and light pollution, urban sprawl, traffic, lack of public access, underwater