A project of the Alliance for Democracy created by Jan Edwards of the California Center for Community Democracy

Tapestry of the Commons

The Tapestry of the Commons is a collection of ideas and interactive tools to help you and your community groups explore the concepts of the Commons, Private Property and Common Wealth, the interaction between the different types of Commons, and what effect Corporate Control has on the Commons.

The Alliance for Democracy placed these materials into the Cultural Commons. You may use them freely, but please attribute the source.

Click HERE to download All the Tapestry of the Commons Materials listed separately below. (This is a big PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file that may take a long time to download if you have an ordinary telephone connection to the Internet)

Click HERE to download the Presentation script. The Presentation script is one way to use the different tools to create a Tapestry of the Commons event, but certainly not the only way. As you read through the presentation you will think of other directions to explore. Please let us know about your discoveries.

Click to download the Gifts to Us from Nature and Gifts from Our Ancestors charts that relate to the ribbons of the Tapestry. Also How Water Is Impacted by the Cultural Commons chart.

Click HERE to download What Can We Do To Reclaim the Commons talking points, New Movement to Reclaim the Commons worksheet and Re-framing Issue Organizing to Include the Commons worksheet.

Click HERE to download Construction of the Tapestry instructions and sketch.

Click HERE to download Spectogram instructions and statements, and Magnet Words. [PDF file - allow time to download if you have a slow connection]

Click HERE download Resource Materials and Handouts:

******How the Ruling Elite Blocks Democracy and Commons Protections by Jan Edwards,

******The Rule of Property by Karen Coulter,

******The Impact of Corporations on the Commons by Mary Zepernick,

******Common Sense by David Bollier

******The Media Commons by Jan Edwards,

******The Right to Water by Maude Barlow,

******Drinking Problem article from Sacramento News & Review,

******English Folk Poem and Commons Quotes.

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